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Our Services

EFI Tuning

We are able to tune your car or motorcycle to match the installed supporting mods to maximize your power gains

Remote Tuning

Not local? We may be able to tune your vehicle remotely! Reach out for more info

Mechanical Services

We do a little bit of everything with cars & motorcycles, everything from brake pads to engine swaps


A few projects we've worked on

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1999 Honda Civic

B20 | Street tuned with Snakemu v2 ECU from OxyTuned

1998 Honda Civic

Supercharged B18C1 | Street tuned with Snakemu v2 ECU from OxyTuned

1993 Honda Civic

Built B20 | Street tuned with chipped ECU from OxyTuned

1995 Honda Civic

B18C1 | Street tuned with Snakemu v2 ECU from OxyTuned

1999 Honda Civic

Turbo B18C1 | Street tuned on Hondata S300 v3

2000 Acura Integra

B18B1 | Base tuned

2000 Acura Integra

Turbo B20 | Street tuned with BMulator ECU from OxyTuned

2000 Acura Integra

B18B1 Turbo | Street tuned

1989 Honda Civic

B20 | Street tuned with Hondata S300 v3

1989 Honda CRX Si

B16A | Base tuned with OxyTuned chipped ECU

2017 Honda Grom

aRacer ECU | Street tuned

2019 Honda Grom

Full Stand Next ECU | Street tuned w/ launch control & backfire

2018 Kawasaki Z125

143cc Big Bore | Power Commander Fuel Remap

1998 Honda Civic

B20B | Base tuned with chipped ECU by OxyTuned with a base tune

2015 Honda Grom

Power Commander Fuel Remap

2000 Honda Civic

D16Z6 | Street tuned with Snakemu v2 ECU by OxyTuned

2001 Honda Prelude

H23A | Street tuned


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